A brand trailer for the electrical engineering specialists from Neuenrade, made with Hollywood in mind. Three minutes of condensed information, entertainment, and drama by the bucket load.

The brand trailer tells the story of supernatural incidents happening at the Deutsche Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology in Munich. A century-old exhibit suddenly emits a strange glow. The exhibit, the SCHNIEWINDT grid of 1901, is real – the story is anything but. The trailer was filmed by tremoniamedia on Hollywood’s new favourite, the RED EPIC digital cinema camera.

The brand trailer aims for a unique quality that is rarely found in image films: dramatic tension. The tremoniamedia crew with producer Daniel Pauls, author and director Felix Rodenjohann, and principal cinematographer (and creative mind) Amin Oussar were the creative force behind the entire project, while Daniel Pauls and Patrick Grzanna brought high-profile actors on board to give the film its exceptional quality, in its message and cinematic style.