The corporate video for “Stahlwerke Bochum” deals with the intelligent way steel recycling can be used to produce new high-quality products for their customers.
LMW Leichtmetallguß produces handmade frying pans with the help of unique engines.
Rewarded Period Film.
100 years – humorously and entertaining narrated within 5 minutes. In this mini-feature you can see how the manufacturer of bulb holders turned into an automotive supplier.


“That’s unbelievable! That’s a real film”, said a film-conscious VOLLMANN employee at the presentation of the film in the presence of more than 500 employees. Strictly speaking, the biggest compliment an economic film can get. Entertainment instead of advertising. Thus the positive image transfer is obtained by the film so as to convince and inspire the target group.


Script production in Düsseldorf and Dortmund, shootings in Dortmund, Hagen and Iserlohn, Gevelsberg, Remscheid and in the Erz Mountains (Erzgebirge). Music recordings in Stuttgart, voice recordings in Berlin, color correction and compositing in Cologne.

At a certain point in the film a wilful allusion to the double-0-agent is made. There the famous tinkerer of the spy films presents his technical developments. You can hear the voice of Frank Glaubrecht so that the film gets a further James Bond impression.


Apart from the image film “Urban Mining” of the ALBA group the VOLLMANN film “100 Years” is the first film of tremoniamedia, which was consequently realized with 35mm digital technology. Because not only script and music generate the cinema feeling, but also the impression of the pictures.

Dortmunder Volksbank – the Movie. “What made us what we are” is the theme of the image film. One of the leading cooperative banks of North Rhine-Westphalia turned to tremoniamedia for an exceptional business film.
ALBA group Berlin – leading recycling enterprise in Europe.
Moving image communication supported by tremonia as to brand formation, image, PR and marketing. With innovations like the recycling bin and the most modern recycling procedures the company has set standards since its foundation in 1968 and belongs to the technological trend-setters of the branch.
Image film for the ALBA group.

New markets and old acquaintances get it right.
Disposal and recycling are no dirty businesses, but highly mechanized and important performances that effectively influence the life of all of us. This awareness and at the same time the presentation of the numerous fields of activity of the ALBA group should be transported. 40 years of company history, success and innovations … We made of it 3 minutes and 49 seconds of emotional and attractive story telling full of facts, and that in three languages. Whether in German, English or Chinese, the ALBA group and its performances no longer will be misunderstood.




An image film for the building and facilities division of the TÜV NORD GROUP, produced by tremonia in early 2013. The setting: Unique vistas from the Ruhr area. Up on the roofs of the BVB arena, the Music Theatre in the Ruhr, the Movie Park Bottrop, Dortmund Airport, and the Centro Oberhausen. The film takes the viewer on a journey of TÜV NORD’s activities and services and is destined for domestic and international audiences.

The job of TÜV NORD’s engineers takes them where regular football enthusiasts can only dream to go: Conquering their fear of heights to checking up on the photovoltaic installations on the roof of the Signal Iduna Park.

The solar power from the roof is used to feed a unique lawn nursery. The high-performance lights and complex controls of the plant are also inspected by the specialists of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

A brand trailer for the electrical engineering specialists from Neuenrade, made with Hollywood in mind. Three minutes of condensed information, entertainment, and drama by the bucket load.

The brand trailer tells the story of supernatural incidents happening at the Deutsche Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology in Munich. A century-old exhibit suddenly emits a strange glow. The exhibit, the SCHNIEWINDT grid of 1901, is real – the story is anything but. The trailer was filmed by tremoniamedia on Hollywood’s new favourite, the RED EPIC digital cinema camera.

The brand trailer aims for a unique quality that is rarely found in image films: dramatic tension. The tremoniamedia crew with producer Daniel Pauls, author and director Felix Rodenjohann, and principal cinematographer (and creative mind) Amin Oussar were the creative force behind the entire project, while Daniel Pauls and Patrick Grzanna brought high-profile actors on board to give the film its exceptional quality, in its message and cinematic style.

INTERSEROH SE – “stell and metal recycling”


In the year 2010 we produced a business film for the steel and metal sector of the European recycling concern INTERSEROH SE. The film connects classical enterprise pictures with a sympathetic story.

The image film means for INTERSEROH SE the prelude into the audio-visual business communication. Thus the customer relation between our film production and the customer INTERSEROH SE was cultivated since the first co-operation.


INTERSEROH SE as part of the ALBA group

The INTERSEROH SE under the umbrella of the ALBA group belongs to the 10 leading recycling and environmental enterprises world-wide. The film is used for the external business communication, e.g. in social networks, at events and presentations. What the internal communication is concerned, the film is used for the formation of the new corporate identity.


International use of the film

Apart from the German market the film is above all internationally used for presentations. Therefore international versions of the film were produced in the English and Chinese language.

The story of a bell


What the internal and external business communication is concerned, STAUFF uses the business film. Produced by tremoniamedia in summer 2008 in the German, English, Spanish and French language.

The film had its first-run at the 80th birthday of the company founder Arnold Menshen. The medium-sized enterprise with its head office in the German Sauerland region was founded as a pay turnery in the 1950s. Nowadays STAUFF belongs to one of the market-leading developers and manufacturers of fluid technological components and employs more than 1,000 employees at 14 locations world-wide.