INTERSEROH SE – “stell and metal recycling”


In the year 2010 we produced a business film for the steel and metal sector of the European recycling concern INTERSEROH SE. The film connects classical enterprise pictures with a sympathetic story.

The image film means for INTERSEROH SE the prelude into the audio-visual business communication. Thus the customer relation between our film production and the customer INTERSEROH SE was cultivated since the first co-operation.


INTERSEROH SE as part of the ALBA group

The INTERSEROH SE under the umbrella of the ALBA group belongs to the 10 leading recycling and environmental enterprises world-wide. The film is used for the external business communication, e.g. in social networks, at events and presentations. What the internal communication is concerned, the film is used for the formation of the new corporate identity.


International use of the film

Apart from the German market the film is above all internationally used for presentations. Therefore international versions of the film were produced in the English and Chinese language.