Rewarded Period Film.
100 years – humorously and entertaining narrated within 5 minutes. In this mini-feature you can see how the manufacturer of bulb holders turned into an automotive supplier.


“That’s unbelievable! That’s a real film”, said a film-conscious VOLLMANN employee at the presentation of the film in the presence of more than 500 employees. Strictly speaking, the biggest compliment an economic film can get. Entertainment instead of advertising. Thus the positive image transfer is obtained by the film so as to convince and inspire the target group.


Script production in Düsseldorf and Dortmund, shootings in Dortmund, Hagen and Iserlohn, Gevelsberg, Remscheid and in the Erz Mountains (Erzgebirge). Music recordings in Stuttgart, voice recordings in Berlin, color correction and compositing in Cologne.

At a certain point in the film a wilful allusion to the double-0-agent is made. There the famous tinkerer of the spy films presents his technical developments. You can hear the voice of Frank Glaubrecht so that the film gets a further James Bond impression.


Apart from the image film “Urban Mining” of the ALBA group the VOLLMANN film “100 Years” is the first film of tremoniamedia, which was consequently realized with 35mm digital technology. Because not only script and music generate the cinema feeling, but also the impression of the pictures.